Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Civil Engineering, 1992
University of Pittsburgh, M.S., Civil Engineering, 1993
West Virginia University, Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1997

Professional Engineer Licensure:

West Virginia

Company Responsibilities:

Jim French oversees or directly conducts all traffic engineering activities, including studies, permanent and temporary traffic signal designs, work zone traffic control plans, and signing and pavement marking plans.

Jim has 25 years of experience in the engineering field and academia. Prior to FE, he was employed for 11 years at West Virginia University, where he conducted scientific research and taught courses in the various areas of transportation engineering. His works have been published in the scholarly journals of the Institute of Transportation Engineering (ITE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

As a practitioner, he has performed numerous traffic-related designs and studies, and has had extensive interaction with the public and various non-technical stakeholders.

The following is a sampling of the traffic-related projects for which he has had primary responsibility, organized by District:

  • District 1-0: SR 0058-CCI, Grove City Borough and Pine Township - Project Manager/Sr. Traffic Engineer. Prepared Final Traffic Signal Design for 6 signalized intersections.
  • District 2-0: SR 4017-N02, Sandy Township and City of DuBois - Project Manager/Sr. Traffic Engineer. Prepared Traffic Needs Study and Final Traffic Signal Design for SR 4017 at Beaver Drive / DuBois Mall.
  • District 8-0: HOP Review Open End - Project Manager/Sr. Traffic Engineer. Performs Transportation Impact Study Reviews.
  • District 9-0: Altoona Transportation Improvement Project - Project Manager/Sr. Traffic Engineer. Traffic Forecasts and Capacity Analysis for Alternatives related to the improvement of the 17th Street and 6th/7th Avenue corridors.
  • District 10-0: SR 0119-571, Bell Township - Sr. Traffic Engineer. Signing and Pavement Marking Plan and Traffic Control Plan for the Intersection Improvement of SR 0119 at Airport Road/Bell's-Cloe Road.
  • District 11-0: Parkway West Study - Sr. Traffic Engineer. Supervised data collection, including the Origin-Destination Post Card Survey. Performed the traffic forecast and projections for the Banksville On-Ramp to I-376 East.
  • District 12-0: Non-Intrusive Microwave ATR Counts, I-70, 12 Locations between New Stanton and Washington - Project Manager/Sr. Traffic Engineer. Supervised and coordinated the innovative data collection operation.
  • Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering: Work Zone Project - Sr. Traffic Engineer. Updated the Delay Analysis Workbook (DAWB) and performed technology transfer.
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike - Sr. Traffic Engineer. Spot Speed Study and Crash History Analysis for a segment of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission: Regional Traffic Signal Improvement Program - Sr. Traffic Engineer. Supervised Traffic Data Collection, performed Synchro Model Development, and Traffic Signal Design Duties as part of the SINC/SINC-UP program.