French Engineering is a committed partner in the Federal Highway Administration’s “Toward Zero Deaths” initiative to have a highway system free of fatalities. French Engineering provides the following services in support of this vision:

  • Corridor Safety Studies
  • Qualitative Safety Analysis
  • Quantitative Safety Analysis (Highway Safety Manual Analysis)
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Crash Diagrams
  • Roadway Safety Audits
  • Low-Cost Safety Improvements

We have participated in numerous safety reviews as part of corridor studies and other projects. The level of involvement and the format of safety reviews varies based on the nature of the project. Recently, we have performed Highway Safety Manual Analysis on two large corridor projects that were highly safety driven and required a quantitative analysis. These projects are still in process. French Engineering has also performed qualitative safety analysis and prepared crash diagrams for numerous studies and projects.

We have participated as a team member on over 15 Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s (SPC) Roadway Safety Audits. The Roadway Safety Audit process requires field views of roadway operations during the peak periods, school arrivals/dismissals and darkness. The RSA brings together safety engineers, stakeholders and roadway owners, including PennDOT and municipalities. As part of the audit, the RSA team performs field views, analyzes crash data/diagrams, reviews current and projected traffic volumes, and interviews key persons. Once complete, the RSA team prepares recommendations, from short-term, low-cost improvements to long-term, higher-priced investments, in a presentation and a report to the roadway owners. Many recommendations have been implemented as a result of this program, and we are proud to be part of this team.

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